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Dear Job Seeker,

If the prospect of your next job interview is playing on your mind, then this is going to be the most important message you’ll read today, because in the next few paragraphs, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do to make any hiring manager desperate to employ you!

If you’ve ever walked out of an interview with your head down and your shoulders up, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s that gut wrenching certainty that you’ve blown that one shot at your dream job – the interview.

What went wrong?  Your resume matched the job perfectly, your skills and achievements were second to none but you messed up so badly on the questions – and why was the hiring manager sitting there with his arms folded and an expression on his face like you just insulted his mom?


the truth is

In today’s fiercely competitive job market where every vacancy attracts countless applicants, it is vital to stay ahead of the competition.

Here’s why…

The Wall Street Journal reports an average 118 applications for each job advertised in the US.

The Independent newspaper reveals that an average 83 candidates apply for each UK vacancy.

Or to put it another way…

7.6 million applicants scrambled for 65,000 corporate and retail positions at Starbucks in the past year.

Nearly one million candidates applied to Procter and Gamble – for just 2,000 positions. Try working out that ratio!

Two million people applied for a mere 7,000 vacancies at Google.

The longer you are out of work, then the longer it takes you to secure your next position.  The statistics speak for themselves, but it doesn’t end there…

In the first few weeks after losing their jobs, just three out of ten people secure a new role.  That’s only 30 per cent!

Here comes the scary bit.

After one year of unemployment the chances of landing a job plummet to just 1 in 10 per month.

For the majority of jobless people desperately seeking to get back onto the career ladder, the average amount of time it takes to succeed is 40 weeks.

If you are currently employed then congratulations but we urge you not to get complacent.  Gone are the days of a job for life.  Today’s new starter, fresh out of college or school, will change their job on average eleven times during their working life and may change their actual career up to five times.

Today’s job market is a battle ground, so let me ask you this: would you go into that battle without being equipped for every eventuality, to ensure you can take on all comers and emerge victorious – or at least emerge with self-respect, knowing you have done everything you could possibly do to win?

If your shoulders have now slumped in utter defeat at the prospect of impossible hurdles ahead of you, relax.


there is hope

Before you drown your sorrows and resign yourself to the oblivion of the career abyss where so many have gone before you… stop!

It doesn’t have to be like that.

What if you could unlock the secrets to interview success?

What if you were equipped with all the knowledge, advice and tips to attend your next interview with confidence?

What if that knowledge extended to resumes, cover letters, group exercises and the enigma of psychometric tests?

We have it all covered in the ultimate guide to interviews, that will help you to stand out from the crowd and deal with everything the hiring manager can throw at you – verbally of course!


Job Interview Guide

pass the job interview 3d

My insider’s guide will take you step by step through the key stages of interview preparation, from what you need to know about the company to what you need to know about yourself.

I’ll take you through the research needed to ensure your success on the day of your interview.

I’ll explain the significance of telephone interviews and the real reason that employers use them, why a positive attitude is your most vital asset and how your body language may be sending out subconscious signals of aggression, anxiety – or both – that will trip you up before you even crawl to that first hurdle.

I’ll explain why every second counts, not just from the moment you enter the building but sometimes before you even reach the parking lot.

I include the top 100 interview questions and provide you with detailed answers covering competency and non-competency based questions.

I even reveal the seven perfect questions to ask the hiring manager that will send you soaring above your competition to the top of the candidate shortlist, and I’ll tell you the truth about why you should never accept a counter offer from your current employer.

Not only that, but I disclose the top ten interview mistakes that you must avoid at all costs, and the seven reasons why this job may not be for you and why you must always keep your shoes on during your interview!

And that’s not everything.

I know that the interview isn’t the whole story which is why this e-book is accompanied by three essential guides…


group interview guide

group interviews


If you’ve ever turned up to an assessment center only to spend the day wilting like a wallflower then this guide is for you.  Perhaps you wander disoriented through the milling crowds or break out in a cold sweat when you are invited to attend a ‘role play’ exercise.

It’s OK, I’ve got it covered.

My group interview guide examines the three different types of group exercises and reveals the top three winning behaviors essential to your success.  I also disclose the top five behaviors to avoid and provide straightforward advice on how to handle the dreaded role play.



psychometric tests

pass the psychometric tests 3d

How many times have you completed an interview, convinced you have it in the bag only to be politely informed that there’s just ‘one small test to take before you leave today?’

It’s estimated that 80% of recruiters at Fortune 500 companies in the USA rely on psychometric tests and over three quarters of The Times Top 100 UK companies favor them in their recruitment process.

Utter those two innocuous words ‘psychometric tests’ and even the most confident candidate quakes in their shoes.

My guide aims to minimize your distress by explaining the five reasons that candidates fail psychometric tests and what it is that employers and recruiters are really looking for.

I’ll take you through the types of questions and tell you how to respond, the trick questions to look out for and why you shouldn’t ever hazard a guess in your answers.


Resume Guide

resume and covering letter guide 3d

Of course, this advice is all well and good but haven’t we forgotten something?

Before you reach the interview stage, there’s the small matter of the resume and application to overcome.

My resume guide completes our ultimate job seekers’ package.

For instance, did you know that a recruiter only spends between 10 and 20 seconds scanning your resume – that’s right, between ten and 20 seconds.  Time it … it’s not long.

That’s a maximum of 20 seconds to make the impact you need to make – and that’s assuming you overcome the first hurdle of the ‘applicant tracking machines’ – or the black hole of the database to you and me.

Relax, I’ve got this one sorted too.  My in-depth guide will take you through the process of creating your resume with a dedicated section to the importance of keywords and tips to improve the chances of your painstakingly crafted resume being seen by a real human being.

I also explain why the covering letter can make the vital difference in securing an interview and provide examples of letters that work.


With thorough preparation and an understanding of what employers really want from their next hire, this is one offer you can’t afford to miss.

In fact, I’m so confident it works that you can try the whole package completely risk free for sixty days – yes, you heard that right, sixty. All I ask you to do is try it for sixty days, and if you are even the slightest bit underwhelmed, then email me and I will refund your money.

A 100% refund.  No questions asked.

Now I have your attention.

So, here’s what you need to know:-

The complete package -  including the interview e-book and the three associated guides – is available as a direct download immediately after purchase.  It comes in an easily readable PDF format which will require Adobe Acrobat to be able to read it.  Free copies are available from


This interview guide is currently selling for $60. But online readers interested in gaining every possible edge can download it immediately for only $29.95 here – this week only.

With my 100% money back guarantee this is one opportunity you simply cannot afford to miss.

So you have three choices at the moment:

Option One:  Do nothing. You can leave this page right now, try and put your worries and doubts to the back of your mind and hope you don’t destroy that one opportunity on the day of the interview.

Option Two: Try and use the information I gave you on this page to cobble bits of research and information together from the internet.

Option Three: You can risk absolutely nothing and you can click the ‘Download Now’ button that you see just below this text, and you can get this complete package and let me do all the work for you, to show you exactly what to say, so that you know your next interview is going to be a breeze, and you’ll walk out afterwards feeling great, knowing you got the job.

When you think of it like that then there really is only one option.

No more sleepless nights agonizing over interview preparation, no more shattered nerves over your resume or whether you’ll ever make it through your assessment day – and the end to dilemmas over what to wear and why the ‘DayGlo’ shirt and fresh purple streaks in your hair are never a good look!

 dream job

job interview books60 Day Guarantee



Get Hired Now


If you’re still not convinced after reading this far, contact me at the link below.  Ask me anything you like.  I’m here to answer your questions, but before you do that, don’t just take my word for it, read what others have had to say about my ultimate interview guide.



“This is basically an interview bible, and if you get this I guarantee you won’t need anything else! Highly recommended.”

~ Anna Elizabeth, New Zealand ~

“This is an excellent guide to interviews. The book contains everything you need to ace your way through the telephone interview to attending the main interview. All the preparation you need to do plus tons of interview questions that really help you prepare to get that job you always wanted.”

~ C Jenkins, New York, New York, USA ~

“This was a massive help to me in a recent job interview. I went over the questions in the book several times – particularly the competency based questions because I knew to expect those.”

~ Louise M, Chicago, Illinois, USA ~

“The sections on noticing body language and what questions to ask certainly made me think back to how I had come across in interviews I had attended already (and possibly slightly cringe in hindsight). The real gold dust however is the list of typical questions and sample answers that I think I would typically have fallen down on in the past through the panic of trying to come up with answers on the spot, but now feel much more confident having such a comprehensive list to refer to together with suggestions on what the interviewer would be looking for in an ideal answer…”

~ Mr G J Raeburn, London, England ~


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Who are you and why should I listen to you?

Firstly, please let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Kingston. I have 18 years experience in recruitment at a senior level. I was a 360 degree recruiter so carried out every single aspect of the recruiting process, including coaching candidates prior to interviews.

I have covered all levels of recruitment from college drop-outs through to senior executives and board level candidates, domestically and in the international franchise industry. I also set up and ran my own recruitment businesses from scratch.

All of this experience helped me to understand exactly what employers look for at the interview stage.

I coached countless clients with expert advice on winning interview strategies to help them get their dream job. And they did!

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What if I want to ask you something? Can I contact you?

Of course! Just use the link at the bottom of this page and I’ll personally respond to you ASAP.

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