Simple. Easy. Hired.
The No Luck Required Guide to Job Interviews

Michael Kingston is a senior hiring manager with over 18 years experience

This book reveals the simple formula to getting hired - fast!

You’ll Discover:

  • My "done-for-you" interview technique that does all the work for you - it's as easy as falling off a log. 
  • The simple yet unusual changes to your body language which will "trick" the hiring manager into feeling an instant report with you
  • How to give electrifying answers to the hiring manager, even if you are usually a bag of nerves!
  • The almost "magic" way to win over the hiring manager as the interview closes.
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  • The book contains everything you need to ace your way through the telephone interview to attending the main interview.”

    C Jenkins

    Brighton, UK
  • This is basically an interview bible and if you get this I guarantee you won't need anything else! ”

    Anna Elizabeth

    Christchurch, New Zealand
  • There is a lot of sound and sold advise between its covers. I fully suggest it to those in the job market."


    Chicago, USA
  • The flow of this book is excellent, hence you can read the book without getting bored. Really helped me to improve my confidence level.”

    David Earner

    New York, USA
  • This books lays out all of the things you need to know to confidently impress any interviewer.”

    Jerry M

    New Orleans, USA

About the Author

Michael Kingston is the author of the best-selling 'Pass The Job Interview', and has been an expert guest writer for AOL Jobs, MSN Careers, Career Builder and The Work Buzz.

Michael Kingston has over 18 years experience in recruitment. He was a 360 degree recruiter so carried out every single aspect of the recruiting process, including coaching candidates prior to interviews.

He covered all levels of recruitment from college drop-outs to senior executives and board level candidates, both domestically and in the international franchise industry. 

He also set up and ran his own recruitment businesses from scratch. All of this experience helped him to understand exactly what employers look for at the interview stage.

He coached countless clients with expert advice on winning interview strategies to help them get their dream job. And they did! You could be next.