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Do not attend another interview without knowing the vital answers to these questions:

  • Do you know the 10 most common job interview mistakes that most candidates make and how to avoid them?
  • Do you know how to gauge the 3 warning signs that every interviewer makes and how to stack the deck back in your favor immediately?
  • Do you know the #1 thing to do to win over the interviewer as the interview closes? 

You're qualified for the job - it should be yours. Let me show you what goes through the head of the interviewer so you can use it to your advantage. An advantage others won't have. 

My insider’s guide will take you step by step through the key stages of interview preparation, from what you need to know about the company to what you need to know about yourself.

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I include the top 100 interview questions and provide you with detailed answers covering behavioral  and non-behavioral based questions.

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My name is Michael Kingston. I have 18 years experience in recruitment at a senior level. I was a 360 degree recruiter so carried out every single aspect of the recruiting process, including coaching candidates prior to interviews. I have also been an expert guest writer for AOL Jobs, MSN Careers, Simply Hired, Career Builder and The Work Buzz.

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