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Take a look at what you’ll discover and how it will guarantee you start to see real results in interviews. More confidence. More job offers. More money.


Accelerated Interview Preparation
Prepare For Your Interview In One Short Evening

  • Practical, proven ideas and strategies to prepare you immediately.
  • 15 critical factors to know before you attend the interview.
  • The truth about what hiring managers are really looking for in applicants.
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Rapidly Boost Your Confidence
Feel good before, during and after your interview

  • Feel relaxed and confident in the days before your interview.
  • You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of confidence walking into the interview.
  • You’ll walk out KNOWING you are hired, instead of second guessing.
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Easily Answer Any Interview Question
You'll Always Know Exactly What To Say

  • Use this powerful system to easily answer any interview question and avoid humiliating mistakes (you'll be amazed at how simple this really is).
  • The basic secrets of highlighting your key achievements so they make a powerful impact.
  • The 3 word acronym that makes remembering and conveying your experience a breeze.
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Interview 'Power' Techniques
Unleash These Techniques On The Hiring Manager

  • How a simple adjustment in your mindset can give you the edge over other applicants.
  • 13 ‘no-brainer’ ways to control and use body language to your advantage.
  • How to gauge the 3 warning signs that every interviewer makes and how to stack the deck back in your favour immediately.
  • The 10 most common interview mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • 9 breakthrough solutions to handling salary negotiations that can get you a higher salary.
  • How to spot the 7 warning signs of a toxic organization and when it’s best to walk away.
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'Magic Bullets' To Seal Your Success
Use These Proven Techniques

  • 7 perfect questions for the interviewer that will make you be remembered in an ocean of applicant faces.
  • How to win over the interviewer as the interview closes.
  • The #1 overlooked thing to include in your follow-up letter that works like crazy!
  • 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you are not totally delighted. I will give you a 100% refund. Guaranteed.
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If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses and interview resources for FREE so you save even more time and money.


Resume & Covering Letter Guide

My in-depth guide will take you through the process of creating your resume with a dedicated section to the importance of keywords and tips to improve the chances of your painstakingly crafted resume being seen by a real human being.

I also explain why the covering letter can make the vital difference in securing an interview and provide examples of letters that work.

$37 Bonus


How To Pass Group Interviews

My group interview guide examines the three different types of group exercises and reveals the top three winning behaviors essential to your success.  I also disclose the top five behaviors to avoid and provide straightforward advice on how to handle the dreaded role play.

$37 Bonus


How To Pass Psychometric Tests

My guide aims to minimize your distress by explaining the five reasons that candidates fail psychometric tests and what it is that employers and recruiters are really looking for.

I’ll take you through the types of questions and tell you how to respond, the trick questions to look out for and why you shouldn't ever hazard a guess in your answers.

$37 Bonus


How To Ace Your Skype Interview

Employers are increasingly relying on Skype interviews for assessing candidates during the first round of interviews. Not only do they allow companies to screen candidates across different time zones, for many business professionals it’s more convenient – and a quicker way of eliminating unsuitable applicants.

These tips will ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your next video interview.

$11 Bonus


7 Critical Things NOT To Say At Interview

In today’s competitive job market, being invited for an interview is no mean feat; your resume has finally emerged from the depths of the applicant tracking software and landed in the ‘potential candidates’ pile. If you’re really serious about the job you’ve applied for, thorough interview preparation is a must – not merely for the things you should say, but also for those you shouldn’t. Here are seven that fall into the latter category.

$9 Bonus


5 Essential Tips For Every Interview

The wealth of interview advice available today can be quite overwhelming for the novice candidate during the interview preparation process so we’ve simplified that process for you.

If you only observe five interview tips, make sure it’s these five.

$11 Bonus


6 Steps To Your Next Job Offer

Interviews, don’t you just love ‘em? An hour of toil and trembling and you’re left hanging on a thread, desperately waiting for a call or an e-mail declaring the employer’s verdict.

It’s time to turn the tables and to bring your next interview under your control – for you to decide whether the job is the right one for you, not to nervously leave the decision in the employer’s hands.

So what more can you do on top of those arduous hours of research and preparation? Try my '6 Steps To Your Next Job Offer' cliff notes.

$8 Bonus


Template: Interview Follow Up Letter

You may be the perfect candidate, you may have sailed effortlessly through your interview without a care in the world and emerged confident of receiving a job offer within the next few days.  The fact is, that if you don’t follow up your interview with a thank you letter you may well have blown your chances of success.

Use my 'done-for you' letter template to breeze ahead of the other candidates.

$6 Bonus


Personal Career & Interview Advice

Need customized interview advice? No problem, just contact me using the special e-mail address that I give you after purchase and I will give you personal interview advice over e-mail. Career coaches charge $$$ for this service, but for you there is no extra charge.

$110 Bonus


Updates for Life

Get every single update or addition ever made to this product free for the rest of your LIFE. This is the last interview system you will ever need.

$97 Bonus

Instant Access

Once you have completed your purchase you will be immediately taken to your unique download page to get instant access to the entire interview system, including all the bonuses.

The books are available in an easy to read Adobe PDF format, so you can view them on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Join thousands of other satisfied customers and get access to your complete interview suite of e-books within 2 minutes!




Normally $157 - Today Only $28.73